Company Overview

Berg & Associates, Inc. specializes in providing custom database solutions that can significantly increase the productivity of your staff and organization. Our custom information systems are designed to work the way you work and support the processes, reporting, and communications that make your business unique and productive. We provide complete database consulting services including needs assessment, system design, programming, data conversion, training, update services, and ongoing support.

Berg & Associates provides flexible solutions which have stood the tests of time and changing technology.
  • Scalable from just one or two users all the way to organization wide multi-user systems
  • Ease of use features designed specifically to meet your information needs and work flows
  • Compatible with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems
  • Efficient and secure integration with other SQL-based and ODBC-compliant systems
  • Easily share data via the web, email, and e-commerce using Web Services, AJAX and other integration tools
  • Host your data on your own internal hardware, or offload that function to professionally maintained “cloud-based” systems accessed from your favorite browser
Broad Experience with Both New and “Orphaned” Systems

Over the years we have worked with a wide range of clients with diverse needs. Many are in Michigan but others, including some of our oldest clients, have been in states across the eastern US. Ironically, the characteristic most shared by these clients has been the unique nature of each of their business operations. Off-the-shelf software would simply not do. Our ability to create solutions which efficiently meet the unique requirements of our clients has always been our primary strength.

In addition to B&A designed systems we have also developed considerable experience and expertise in efficiently taking over development and maintenance of “orphaned” systems. These are situations where the original developers were, for one reason or another, no longer meeting the needs of their clients. In each of these cases Berg & Associates was selected to provide ongoing services.

If you have an existing database system, please contact us to see how we might work with you to make it more valuable to your organization.